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Tone Your Arms
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Ladies! Stop covering up!

Who else is too busy to exercise...But wants a Flatter Stomach, Firmer Legs and Buns and Look and Feel 10 years younger

If you're worried you'll never get control of your weight and love what you see in the mirror, I can DEFINITELY help you.

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Hello and welcome! I'm Tina Toner, Bootcamp Fitness business owner, Online Coach and personal trainer to busy moms just like you.

For more than 15 years, I made it my mission to help busy moms transform their bodies and improve their lives through fitness and nutrition. At one point though, I took on every client that the quality of my life began to suffer and I had a burn out.

During that period, I was a machine…going, going, going, trying to get through my days and publicly hold it together. But my workouts became sporadic, eating was unstructured, my brain was all over the place and I put on lots of body fat.

Truthfully, I felt like S#IT and when I looked in the mirror, I wasn't happy at all.

I needed to put myself back into my own schedule. But how??

Suddenly, it hit me like a brick.

It wasn't just my schedule that changed in my life... it was my habits. Every day, I wore myself to the ground by missing workouts, eating on the run and losing sleep. I said EFF it! Who was I to my clients, if I was run down and tired all the time?? How could I inspire them when I couldn't even BE the example I was trying to set??

Tina Toner Fitness expert

Forced to come up with a solution, I created a workout structure that fit my busy lifestyle, ate in a way that was healthy AND convenient, and made a few simple changes that entirely switched my mental focus..

Then MAGIC started to happen. Not only did MY results drastically improve, but so did those of my clients.

I tweaked their workouts, to deliver the MOST fat burning impact in the least amount of time and introduced 'small space' exercises, for those who didn't have access to gym equipment or large rooms. They were given 'realistic lifestyle' nutrition plans using food to energize, create lean muscle and shed fat.

Best of all, the results were SO amazing, that I had to get back on my mission to help as many people as possible. This is how the Busy Mom Bootcamp, came to be!

Let's get empowered!


Check out these Busy Bootcamp Moms!


"Tina suggested I embarked on a different Eat Clean Program tweaking carbs on certain weeks…. I lost 25 pounds! That day, the day she suggested this program, it just clicked! Something inside me just said: Yeah! I'm soooo doing this! I LOVE THAT BODY! I love that picture and you know what, I don't remember the last time I said I liked a picture of me."

- Linda D.


"Tina's Bootcamp has made me a more confident and much healthier woman in my forties than ever before. I have lost 70 lbs...AND I have kept it off. And this is all while working full time and managing my 2 kids crazy schedules. Without Tina's support and encouragement this would not have been possible."

- Jen D.


"I really enjoy how Tina never has the same old program. It's never repetitive; never boring. I've toned up, feel better in my clothes and feel more confident about myself. Tina's awesome!"

- Melina B.


"I joined with an extra 15 lbs, low self-esteem, sleep issues and an overall glum outlook. I can honestly say, that Tina Toner's nutrition and exercise plan have changed my outlook on life! Nine months down the line I have continued to add positive changes to my body and my life. Oh and I am back to sleeping like a champion!"

- Kim B.


"I know how hard it is to work, make supper, take care of the kids, homework, sports activities and everything else life throws us. Do I want to sit on the couch and just relax and watch TV? Damn right I do. But I push myself to do the Bootcamp. I love it! I cannot get enough; the more I do, the more I want to do."

- Kathy B.


"My 'go to' is no longer food and alcohol but working out my stress instead of eating it! I have never felt better, stronger, more confident and most of all in control of myself. For the rest of my life, Tina along with her bootcamp and diet plan has forever changed me!"

- Karen C.

So... what is this program?

The 'Daily Fix 6T6' Busy Mom Bootcamp is based on a tried and true 66 day Transformational Lifestyle System. Why 66 days? Because scientifically proven, it takes 66 days to form a habit which explains why so many diet's and fitness programs fail when people go back to old actions that put them in the pit, in the first place.

Over the next 66 days, you'll have exclusive access to my most effective at home online bootcamp workouts, complete nutrition plans, and mindset exercises to get you OUT of that rut and into results FAST! You'll also be a part of our accountability coaching calls, and private facebook community group to set you up for success.



Specifically formulated to tone thighs, tighten jiggly arms and shrink the waist. You'll have access to a downloadable PDF and exercise videos. Get ready to be challenged; get ready to be changed. You DO want change, don't you?



The secret weapon to ANY body transformation starts in the kitchen. You'll have the grocery list and 'Tina Toner Lean Body' nutrition plans that are both customizable and flexible. You'll start feeling and looking better in less than 7 days, watch the REAL progress begin!



True transformation starts from the inside out, my program implements short written exercises to remove negative beliefs and encourage a positive outlook on your fitness journey. A healthy mind in a healthy body has been proven to rapidly speed up results.

busy mom nutrition guide
  • Easy to follow 30-minute or less, HIIT workouts done on your OWN time at your OWN pace
  • Printable PDF with video exercises
  • Nutrition Plans for Guaranteed weight loss (a $97 value)
  • Access to me on your journey through accountability coaching calls & an exclusive private facebook community group

This program is perfect for mom's…

  • Ready to shed 10 or more pounds of body fat, tone up, and kick ass
  • At a beginner to intermediate fitness level
  • Wanting to train in the comfort of their home

3 Phase Transformation Program

Phase 1


Start burning fat and reshaping your body right Now with high intensity interval bodyweight workouts. Using overall body exercises, you'll torch calories, increase energy and get stronger day by day.

Phase 2

Bodyweight & Dumbbells

Time to create defined, sexy muscles and build strength with the incorporation of dumbbells. From upper body exercises to build beautiful shoulders and arms, to ab strengthening circuits for a solid core, you'll burn calories more than before and throw in high intensity cardio bursts for extra fat blasting.

Phase 3

Dumbbells & Rags (Yep, rags! Love em)

The third phase amps things up with the introduction of 'dish rags' or a sliding substitute to promote lean muscle and boost cardio. At this point, your body is much more fit and toned and you're challenging yourself enough to reach a whole new level.

Here's what you get

what you get
  • 66 day online PDF and video bootcamp program
  • Customizable Lean Body nutrition plans (a $97 value)
  • Accountability Coaching Calls / Private Facebook Group
  • Automatic entry to 'monthly Spa Giveaway' for you and a friend

Do the math ...

I'm giving you MORE THAN

$350 worth of

Fitness Programs


Nutrition Plans

Online Coaching Calls

for only $149 holiday special

The Tina Toner Guarantee


I'm all about making sure YOU'RE happy and getting results. I fully believe in this system, but if for whatever reason you're not fully satisfied with this program, I won't only give you your money back, I'll give you a HUGE hug too, no strings attached. We offer a 30 Day money-back guarantee.